Developed in collaboration with leading European universities and patented, 4D technology is currently used in DIERS formetric 4D and allows to make functional analysis and movement studies of the spine, shoulder, pelvis, etc. The new 4D technology leads to functional clinical measurement technology to increase measurement accuracy and avoid postural deviations.

It is possible to visualize a complex model of spinal and pelvic movement and observe the results. This technological advancement is based on innovative software and advanced camera systems.

DIERS 4D analysis system allows to quickly measure the human back and spine statically and dynamically (functionally). Many clinical parameters can be displayed for objective analysis of body statics, posture, scoliosis, and all spinal deformities.

  • Gait analysis system has been developed for over 25 years at various universities and institutes.
  • Its development began with the aim of reducing the high X-ray load in patients with scoliosis and to develop a procedure that offers an X-ray replacement.
  • DIERS 4D motion is the leading technology in 4D spine and back topography.
  • The procedure is radiation-free and works without contact.